Mohács  is a town in Baranya county, Hungary on the right bank of the Danube.

In the past, the small Danube harbor town of Mohács twice was the place for decisive events in Hungarian and European history: 1526 and 1687.

Mohács Hungary Moorish Town Hall Strange

While tiny little city of Mohács today, only counts 17800 inhabitants, here, in 1910, over 56 000 people lived. Mohács ever since has been a melting pot of nations. In 1910, Germans, Hungarians, Serbians, Croatians and further 9600 inhabitants of “other languages” were living here, most probably in majority Bunjevac and Šokac people. The latter ones are said to have introduced the annual tradition of Busó Carnival (Busójárás). to Mohács, which brings thousands of people to this place on Danube, to see the wonderful masks, costumes, dances and parades.

Church in Mohacs main square

Today, visitors can admire the tradition of this mask carnival not only in February/March, but all year round, as new museums have opened and lots of attractions are dedicated to this major annual event.

Mohácsi Halászcsárda

Important historic events…

But – not only for Hungarians – Mohács has been also a very important town in the history of the country: here, on 29th of August 1526 the fatal epic battle between Hungarians and ottomans took place, which cost the life of 14 000 to 20 000 Hungarians and was lost and young Hungarian King Lajos (Louis) II died. Result was (15 years later) the total occupation of Southern Hungary by Ottoman power, for nearly one and a half century. The battlefield until today is a Memorial ground, visited annually by thousands of guests. Another date, the 12th of August, 1687, marks the second Battle, this time a little bit further off Mohács. That time Austrian troops and allies of the Habsburg Empire won the fight against Ottomans, which resulted in a great re-conquest of further cities down Danube, especially Osijek, Vukovar, Ilok, up Petrovaradin Fortress in today`s Novi Sad. Even Slavonia and Transylvania came under Imperial Habsburg rule.

The 1526 Mohács Battle Memorial Park

While Mohács lost importance after WW II and during time of the “Iron curtain”, which caused the significant drop of number of inhabitants, since two decades, the city is coming up again and re-defines itself as one of the most important towns along Hungarian Danube.

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