Maria Theresien Platz

View of Maria Theresien Platz and the Kunsthistorisches Museum

The monument to Empress Maria Theresa is one of the most impressive in all Vienna and dominates the square named after her. Flanked by the Museum of Art History (Kunsthistorisches Museum) and the Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum), the statue was commissioned by Franz Joseph I and was unveiled in 1887. This massive monument depicts the Empress on her throne while surrounded by major personages of her day, including a number of generals on horseback. The high reliefs depict illustrious figures from the fields of politics, economics, and the arts, including Haydyn, Gluck, and the child prodigy, Mozart. (If visiting at Christmas, be sure to check out the city’s famous festive market held here.)

Maria Theresia Statue at Maria Theresien Platz


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