TV Tower

The top of the Mecsek Hills, the Misina seemed to be quite suitable for that and it was built on a place where an observation tower has helped hikers to see Pécs from above already since 1908. The works started in 1968 and the TV tower with its height of 197 m is the tallest building in Hungary since its completion in 1973. That said, there are some taller ones but those are not suitable for accommodating people, and are therefore competing in another league.

It has an observation terrace and a coffee house providing an amazing panorama. When the weather is clear, it is possible to see as far as the Danube, the range of the Mecsek Hills and the area of the Mecsek Ridge becomes outlined. southwards, but usually a vapour cloud floats above the city. The Mosque and the Cathedral seem tiny from here, like matchboxes, yet all universal values of the thousand year-Christian presence and the 150-year Muslim traditions of Pécs radiate up to this Mediterranean hillside.

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