German Film Museum

The Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt am Main is dedicated to the medium of film, showcasing its history and present, its aesthetics and influence in a multitude of ways through exhibitions and screenings in its own cinema.

The Museum, incorporated into the Deutsches Filminstitut with its collections, archives, scholarly projects and its library, offers visitors an exceptional venue for intensive engagement with the moving image. The origins, progress and future of film are the subjects of the permanent exhibition, beginning even before the „invention“ of the cinema in 1895 and tracing its subsequent development. In addition, it enables the visitor to understand how seeing and storytelling work in film – by which means the film images obtain the effect intended by the director.

This offering is complemented by several special exhibitions per year: they are devoted to the work of outstanding film talents such as Stanley Kubrick, H. R. Giger, Rainer Werner Fassbinder or Romy Schneider, present fascinating phenomenons such as Anime, the film noir style, the Oscars, or the interactions between films and other media arts. The in-house cinema presents the whole spectrum of artistically notable film productions alongside movie classics.

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