Gyula is a town in Békés County, Hungary. The town is best known for its Medieval castle and a thermal bath. Ferenc Erkel, the composer of the Hungarian national anthem, and Albrecht Dürer the Elder, the father of Albrecht Dürer, also were born in Gyula.

Gyula is located in the Great Hungarian Plain up on the River Fehér-Körös, 235 km  southeast from Budapest and 5 km  from the border with Romania.


he first recorded reference to Gyula was in a document dated 1313 which mentions a monastery called Gyulamonostora (Julamonustra in Latin). By 1332 the settlement around the monastery was being called Gyula / Jula. The construction of Gyula Castle began in the 14th century but finished only in the mid-16th century. It was the property of the Maróthy family and later John Corvinus, the illegitimate son of Matthias Corvinus. Turks conquered Gyula in 1566 and the town remained the part of the Ottoman Empire until 1694, when Christian troops liberated the area. Due to the wars, native Hungarian population fled from Gyula, Békés County became near uninhabited. The landlord János Harruckern invited German, Hungarian, and Romanian settlers, who re-established the town in the early 18th century. Gyula became a popular tourist destination in the 20th century, the thermal bath was established in 1942 and expanded in 1959. The castle was restored in 1962.

Gyula castle

From the construction to its surrender for the Turks, Gyula Fortress can be linked significantly with the royal court either by relation right or by the way that the King himself or a member of royal family was the proprietor of the big manor. All this is worth of emphasizing since Buda and Vajdahunyad are the nearest two castles unequivocally having this kind of royal position. Compared to the latter, Gyula Fortress may be even more highlighted, since it can be connected also with foreign monarchical circles.

One of the most beautiful lido and thermal baths of Hungary

Gyula Castle Bath is situated in the 8.5-hectare park of the former Almásy Palace, now under natural protection. This qualified medical facility is an ideal place to unwind in every season and our guests can pursue the passion of bathing in an environment that is unique in the country.The Castle Bath boasts with a water surface of 5,000 square metres and a total of 18 pools. The medical water of 72°C that rises from the depth of 2005 metres has proved to be especially effective in the treatment of locomotor diseases of degenerative origin, chronic nerve complaints, as well as the post-treatment of accidents and operations. One of the best-known racing pools in the Southern Great Plain region and the attached 25-metre training pool complement the services of European standard offered by Gyula Castle Bath. The pool with slides is the favourite of families, not only suitable for playing or ball games but also for swimming. The wave pool is one of Hungary’s most modern wave baths, ideal for all age groups. The Children’s water paradise promises carefree entertainment for children between 2 and 10 years. The children paddling in this area can try ten different toys and games.



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